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If you want to upload your single track then send these details:-
Everything is required.
     Song Name
     Singer Name
     Lyricist Name
     Music Director
     Music Label Name
     Featuring (Optional)
     [Explicit Content - (Yes/No)]

If you want to upload your Album or EP then send these details of each track:-
Everything is required for each song of Album/EP.
     Album/EP Name
     Song Name
     Singer Name
     Lyricist Name
     Music Director Name
     Music Label Name
     Featuring (Optional))
     [Explicit Content - (Yes/No)]

Explicit Content is written as a warning that media (pictures, films or music) contains adult content. This is often sexual or pornographic. It may be bad language. The explicit content warning is for parents who want to censor what their children see.

Notes :-
Song Poster -
  •      Poster should be a minimum of 2000 X 2000 pixels
  •      Poster should be in .JPG format.
  •      Poster CANNOT have the following on it
    •           Date of Release
    •           Social Media Logos
    •           Phone Number
    •           Slogans like "Video Available Now" "in HD" etc
Audio files should be in a high bitrate of mp3 format.

Send Your Song/Album/EP to us by Email :- distributeyoursong@gmail.com